SARTG-WW-RTTY Contest 2001 comments

NH6XM: Due to circumstances beyond my control, coulden`t participate as I wanted. Next year will find a secret QTH where nobody can bother me..hi. Great contest as always. Thank you SARTG. Cu next year. 73 es Aloha, John.

J41YM: First of all tnhanks for all contacts. 3 x 8 hour is great idea. I spend some time without family here in Athen so I could slept and enjoyed the contest as I wished. I was surprised when in the peak of condx to USA (00-03 UTC ) I was able to work only W4, a lot of noise and QRN on 40M here. 10M was open only to South America (as always).

J8PA: We enjoyed the contest this year agn. From the beginning till the end nice pile-up from all parts of the world. The QRM was too heavy to work anything on 80 meters.

VA3DX: No rain in 2 months and we get a thunderstorm on Sunday morning from 1300-1500 GMT… arrgh!!!Conditions terrible at first, but very good on Sunday…

ZL2BR: The solar flare activity made things very difficult. My thanks to the organisers and log-checkers.

DL2YCA: Very fine test…fun fun fun

DL4MCF: I decided to work 15M singel band because my lowband antenna was broken, the condx on 15 was very poor. But a lot of fun - will be there next year again.

DL8OBQ: My first real RTTY contest and not the last one. Good idea to split a 24h contest to 3 parts.

DL-P01/1172915: Partipated this contest after a long period of absence, when I first did it several times in 70`s. Condx relative good exept the 10M-band. Hope to be more active in the next contest.

MM0BQI/P: Fine contest and the times are the best of any other contest I take part in. Very friendly toward the family, thanks for a great contest.

GU0SUP: Fine contest as usual, and I do enjoy this format for a contest. Condition could have been better, but it was fun !

IK1FVO: Poor propagation on high bands, always a nice contest. IK2GWH/2: It was my first time in SARTG, and it was fantastic. It was amazing being called by ZL2BR, FR5GS, FY5FU and PU2NYV. Tnx everybody for the nice weekend.

JF2SKV: I enjoyed the contest and QSO`s with exellent operators. Thanks!

LV5V: I enjoy very much the 8 sleep hours in this contest- great idea. Some snow and storm put a high noise level on 20. Best regards.

OH2AG: Thank you for running another edition of my favorite contest.

OH3-911: Very good contest. Three periods is fine chance to work properly in contest. It is sad that SWL:s do not have good contestlog programs!! Tnx to all, see you in next year.

ON4AME: bad conditions on 80M, next year I will try 15M. Best 73`s Herman.

ONL-383: very high activity, but propagation poor for the Saturday.

OK1JN: Nice contest, but propagation not very good. OK2-9329: very good contest and perfect DX and EU PC-operators. See you next year again friends.

OK2PCL: My 5th SARTG, thanks for the vy nice contest. Meet you in 2002.

S56A: I took part in VHF meeting on Saturay but enjoyed thr rest of the SARTG.

TF3KX: great contest, particularly the 3 x 8 hour format. No siganls heard on 10M at all, and mediocre condx on the other. Still enyojed this a lot as always, see you next year.

N0AJ: great contest. Too bad the propagation was not the best. I look forward to next year.

KF2XF: Had to cut the last section short to leave for family vacation. Pity, I was having great fun. Thanks for the fine test. KW4DA: Having the contest broken into sections worked well with my weekend, great Dx too!!

W5BBR: Thanks to sponsors for good test. Limited time to operate.

N6TQS: Conditions weren`t great. I head many stations that could`t hear me. I worked no EU, but heard a few.I was pleases to work J8PA on 40M.

W7WW/VE6: had great time operating at Station of VE6YR.

W9ILY: It seamed that the US Upper Midwest was the Black Hole this contest. Heard 4`s and 5`s working lots that I couldn`t hear, maybe the aurora soaked up the RF. Good sign on 10, but not many stations. In all I had a lot of fun. The 3 eight hour periods are really nice.