SARTG-WW-RTTY Contest 2002 comments

5B4/G0LII Great contest as usuall with an exellent format. Thanks to all concerned for the work that they put in running it.

DL4RCK This contest is one of the family friendly, It`s always a pleasure to take part. Highlights: A45WD on 10/15, C31BO on 20. 4min before the end of the contest XY7V was calling and gave back 003.

EA2RY My first contest since I have my new license that allow me to use all the bands. With my previous call (EC2ADR) almost always in 15M.

GU0SUP An exellent contest format, as it is family friendly. Had great fun and was pleased to work my first ever OA on RTTY.

GW4KHQ Still love the format of this contest.

I4FTU Nice to be back in the WW SARTG after years of contest qrt.

J41YM My goal was to little improve my last score and keep the top position. My secret aim, was to break the 900 qso in a 24 hr contest. Propagation especially on Saturday made me happy. The first 2 part of the contest was great. I worked 380 qso in the first and an other 300 in the second part. Sunday afternoon local time came a storm which dident make the contest easier. I hope all enjoyed the contest.

SV1XV Good propagation on 20M, and some very interesting stations taking part. The new ones in RTTY include VR, OA, W6, FG, FR.

SV2AEL Many thanks for nice contest, hope to cu next year.

SV9/G3URA Not many QSOs… Better next time!

TF3KX Great contest, particularly the 3x8 hour format, Unfortonateley I had to cut operation short due to TVI at my neighbor. Still enjoyed this a lot as always. See yo in the next SARTG contest.

RW9C We always like to work in the SARTG, It was very happy to meet old friends. Althought propagation was not fine we did over 900 qsos.

VA6MM Was late starting, other bands was dead in my location.

VE9DX Condx inproving…. Weather very hot for this area low 30`s. To hot to stay in the schack, nice to work Europé on 80M.

YO3JF Very nice contest, I enjoyed it as every year. Unforttunately, family QRM poped in and could not operate more than 6 hours.

XE1V No openings on 80-40M.

ZC4DW Sadly could only find 2 hours for this contest.

KS0M With thunder storms and having to use a back up radio with no filters, my participiation was a total disaster. I am sending in this score so those who worked me will get credit.

KF2XF The heat, humadity and thunderstorms in the North East US made this a difficult time for playing radio. Got to really looking forward to the off periods. They were well appriciated. Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy another aspect of our most exellent hobby.

KW4DA Always have fun with this contest. I like the format having 3 periods, it works well on the weekend when I have family things to do.

K4GMH Ten meters was disappointing, but it could have been worse. Friday night the local tghunderstorms made 80M worthless at this QTH. Forty meters was fine considering the local conditions and time of the year. 20 and 15M were good on a scale of exellent, good, OK, and lousey…I was surprised to hear KH6ND loud on 80M Sunday morning (local time) Missed the Japan stations on 40M Sunday morning. Got on 40 to late as just heard them fading away. Thanks to all who put out the spots on the DX Clusters. Sure helped in finding the multipliers and determining whicj band were open. Thanks to SARTG for sponsering the contest, they have maintained a fine tradiotion with this contest.. The format of eight hours on and eight hours off is nice (means one less variable I can mis-judge).

AA5AU Great contest as usual.

W5ZAF I enjoyed the contest.

K6OWL Tnx for sponsoring a fine contest. Had only a few moments here and there to partipiate.

W9ILY It`s hard to work 15M singel band from the Midwest. The band close to early! Had fun with limited time to participate. Thanks for a fun contest.