Comments SARTG-WW-RTTY Contest 2004

JM1NKT. This contest was in good condition, so I could enjoy the wonderful contest

NT2A. Thanks for a nice contest I will be back next year.

M0AFZ. Great fun and I love the split operating times ! Good conditions generally.

NO2T. Love the format of 8 hours on and 8 hours off. Keep it up.

SK4RY. Första gången jag ej använder något "modem" utan enbart ljudkort. Premier med MixW2, fungerade förvånansvärt bra, utmärkt demodulator. Dock vissa handhavandefel från mig, alltid svårt med ny programvara. Svårkörd test den här gången, nyckfulla konditioner både dag och natt. Som alltid en fantastiskt kul RTTY-test, bästa 73 de Charle SM4RGD.

KF9YR, I diden`t have a lot of time to operate and 20M propagation wasen`t great when I did it, but the contest was fun and i am looking forward to the next one.

F6IRF, First attempt in this contest. Thanks to the contest original 3 periods format.

Everything went extremely well, especialy taking into account my modest setup. The weekend surprises: EM1HO, DU7/G4DUM, HR1RMG, KP2D, ZP5DBC.. the 5 banders C4C, SM5FUG, SM6CNN, SK4RY. But once again did not manage to find/hear GU0SUP on any band…(Phil I am damned). My new station setup IC-756PRO II, 400W PA, Optibeam OB6, N1MM logger and MMTTY 1.65.

IZ0EHL/0, Tnx for a fun contest during holidays.

SM6AHU, Detta är min första RTTY contest, och bland mina första RTTY qso`n. 73 de Sven

K8SIA, Conditions were not very good here in MI, see you next year 73 de Jim

OK2BMC. Thanks for very nice contest, I will be back next year, Vy 73 de Milan.

RW9C. Poor propagation on 10M, but managed to build a new SARTG record, first time more then 1000 qso in SARTG, Tnx for another favorite RTTY contest.

PI4CC. Nice contest and we got a lot of fun. Nice to dig out EM1HO on 80M. The conditions wasen`t to bad. For a setup take a look at our page.

GM4FDM. This was less of a Contest and more of an endurance test from 56 north. Poor conditions did not generate big pilups. At time it was hard going and this was the first Contest where I stopped running, went and make breakfast and come back to find my frequency still clear Hi Hi. Nice contest - thanks for organisation it - pity abouth the condx.

JF3PNQ. It was a great pleasure to get many contact on 40M. I will try All Band next year.

OT4L. Thanks for nice contest, See you again in 2005. OT4L is contest call of club ON5LL

GU0SUP. Hard work due to poor conditions, but an enjoyable contest, I like the 3 segments.

K0FX. Thanks to sponsors for another great contest. 8 hours shift are good.

W3WKR. Lots of fun in short time operated. Conditions on Saturday afternoon seemed good, better then expected. Thanks SARTG for great contest. Liked the 3 sections of 8 hours!

G4EMT. Thanks for the nice contest… Better conditions on sunday afternoon.

N2KX. This is my first RTTY contest and I had a ball! The 8 hour are a must for us over 60 !!

K4EAC. I only got a little operating time due to thunderstorms all weekend.

JA9LX. Pleased to join this contest first time, wonderful contest.

K4GMH. Enjoyed the Contest. Thanks SARTG for again sponsoring it.

G4LWB. Thanks nice contest, only able to operate 3 short sessions this time.

SM6CNN. Hard work, but great fun.

DL1THB. Prima kontest. Danke.

K4AQ. My first SARTG RTTY. Used the middle period to play in NAQP SSB. Considering the poor band condx over the weekend, I was very surprised when VK4UC and ZL2AMI copied my QRP calls. Best DX (distances per Writelog beam heading)

1. 221141Z VK4UC, Australia, 20M, 9091 miles (1819 miles/watt

2. 221246X ZL2AMI, New Zealand, 20M, 8177 miles (1635) miles/watt

W8UL. Propagation poor. Highlight - working EM1HO

ZL2AMI. A challange this year and I was pleased to reach 1 million points. Thanks SARTG for my favorite format. SQ2AF. Thank you for a nice digital contest.

DL1JB. Had a lot of fun with my little rig in this contest, Elecraft K2 10watt.

UA4FCO. Thanks for a nice contest, I will be back next year.

M3PHP. Enjoyed the contest although i was only on for a couple of hours.

OK2SWD. Very good contest, and perfect operators. See you again friends in next one

LZ2BE. Thanks to the sponsors for this exellent contest! 73 de Boyan.

OM6RK. Thanks for a nice contest! It`s my first RTTY Contest.

OH9GIT. Tack och hej, vi ses nästa år! OK1JN. Very bad propagation on 15M and 10M

KT1I. A really nice contest although band conditions poor.

OK2CLW. Tnx for a nice contest.

7N2UQC Thanks to all worked me

VE9IQ. Really like this contest, thanks to all operators. Will be back next year.

JA8UON. This contest was in good condition, I enjoy this wonderful contest.

K5OM. I lost my filters in my radio and tried to operate without them. It was a futile attempt and I soon gave up. I will be back next year as this is one of my favorite.

UT7FP. Thanks for a nice contest, I will be back next year.

DL2JV. I could only partipiate 2.5 hours, unfortunately.

KP4JRS. Bands not too bad hera in KP4 land. See you next contest. 73 de Jose.

NA2M. Constant thunder storms and tree down curtailed my opeartion. Antennas tangled in branches of tree that come down.

YC2ECG This is my first SARTG contest. Nice contest.

G0MTN. I operated for around 23 hours this year. I was happy to conact many WWYC friends during the contest. Many hours with average rate 20 qso`s is not very exiting hi !

WD9GMK. Rough from Indiana with low power and a vertical. Propagation keep telling me there were other things I should be doing, but I just wouldent listen..

SP2BBD very good idea with 3 periods of the contest time. Best regards.

PS7TKS. Thanks for a nice contest, I will be back next year.

LV5V Again in the SARTG contest. Enjoy the time divisions. Many tnx for all contacts, and tnx to the organisers.

G7TMU Thanks for running the contest. NC6P Good contest .

IT9ORA. I am very glad to partipiate in this contest, but I was little time.

ON4QX Conditions are very strange this weekend. I had to work with night shift and also on my birthday. Tnx to all who worked me in the contest, and tnx to Scandinavian Group.

ON6MX lots of fun, 20 meters too crowded not much activity on 10M

KC1YF. Signals from Europé were strong, did`t hear any from Africa. A couple from Japan.

IZ7AUH. Very nice propagation on 20M, I have worked only for few hours, but I am very happy to join this contest. See you in 2005 Edition, 73 de Frank.

K3UW. Everything done using wire antennas and 100 watts.

PA3BFH. So little time, but fun.

VE3XD. I could only operate 2.5 hours but want to give out a few qso.

NI5F. I heard lots of 20M Europeans stations that never could hear my 100 watts.

LU5FII. Felicitaciones por el test, muy malas conditions en 10 M, hasta el proximo ano.

YB5BQ. Thanks for a nice contest !! I will be back next year again.

SM7ATL. Tack grabbar för ännu en trevlig RTTY - helg.

DC3HB Cu next year again.

7L3IUE. It was a bad day for the contest, due to Tokyo Ham Radio Fair day..

7S2E. First time in the SARTG contest. I decided to go for low power since my shack is rather small and gets very hot a contest weekend. I managed to work 6 new countries on RTTY and the total is now 103. I look forward to the next years contest since I like the idea with 3 periods within the 48 hours weekend.

JA8UON. This contest was in good condition, so that I could enjoy the wonderful contest.

DH8HV. First RTTY contest from home-QTH with 100W from FT1000D into TH7DX and inverted V for 40M (tuned on 80M) N1MM logger and MMTTY performed fantastic. Special tnx to LU5FII, LT0H and 4Z8EE to be only qso on 10M.

W3FV. My apology to those who called and did not receive an answer from me, especially on 40/80M, Forced to shut down several times due to lighting thunderstorms and heavy QRN.

Results by SARTG contest team: SM7BHM/Ewe, SM5FUG/Jan, SM7GXR/Anders, SM4RGD/Charlie

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